Our curb adapters are custom designed to drop onto the existing roof curb giving the client / contractor a good platform to set the new unit with out any issues.  We can field measure for the client or the client can provide us the information such as model and serial number to both old and new units helping us fabricate a curb adapter.  As stated before if  information is limited we can field measure and customize the order to following features pertaining to curb adapters:

We fabricate stainless steel, phosphatized, galvalume, and aluminum curbing. Each is custom designed according to unit model number or specifications given. This includes roof curbing and curb adapters. The following are the features pertaining to Roof Curbs:


ECS Sheet Metal provides lock-seam, high-pressure, spiral, and round pipe fittings. Our line of standard commercial and industrial products are manufactured to meet all standard specifications and will meet or exceed all Sheet Metal and Contractors National Association (SMACNA) standards.

We do custom work and can accommodate many application projects. Since each project differs according to materials, specifications, and machines necessary to complete the project, pricing will vary. Please contact us for further information.

We specialize in rectangular duct fabrication. All of our ducts and fittings are fabricated to the most up to date standards required by the SMACNA. We use prime grade galvanized steel. All work can be customized in order to fit client drawings or mechanical engineer plans. We also label our pieces so that they are easily identifiable for quick installation.

Our brand new state of the art Spiral-Helix 3600 is ready to work. This machine has the latest software and with its new dies can produce spiral pipe in gauges 28- 18 gauge. With its new programs the machine can produce pipe in lengths ranging from 12 in to 20 feet accurately every time.

We only use top grade galvanized G90 metal to give our customers a quality product.

We will stock spiral pipe in sizes from 4 in to 18 inch.